Tips for a good lather

The perfect lather

Before I go into the Hows and Wherefores of creating a good lather, there are a few things to note. A good lather should be somewhat resemble yogurt - if you have too much air in your lather your skin will be less cushioned to the razor blade and will get a less comfortable shave. On the other hand, you need to get a good lather in order to trap air and water into the shaving cream or soap, so if your lather is under-performing here are some tips and tricks.

Buy better

If you're having difficulty with the lather it may be due to the quality of the soap or cream, so consider experimenting with a different brand or type. I prefer Taylor of Old Bond Street's shaving cream tubs because I find it easy to create a lather in the bowl, but many customers prefer the shaving soap biscuit. Experiment mixing it up.

Poor shaving brushes do not hold as much water. Treat yourself to a really good badger hair or boar hair shaving brush to lock in the moisturise and cushion your face. 

Your water may be cursed

Living in a hard water area is great to drink but,  being so full of mineral, it can put a dampen on your shaving experience. You could invest in a water softener, which can be extremely expensive. We've got some cheaper tricks.

  • Rather than leaving the tap running, fill the sink or a shaving bowl with warm water and then add a little distilled water to it. You can pick this up in most supermarkets. How much it needs depends on the mineral content of your water so you'll need to experiment to determine what works best
  • Add some citric acid to the water you're going to shave with. This will affect the pH levels of the water to help create a good lather. Again, you should experiment with how much you need, but we recommend only a tiny pinch because adding too much will reduce the lather altogether

Double up

Try using a shaving soap to lock in moisture and then a shaving cream after that to create a thick lather


Add a few drops of pure glycerin to your brush for added lathering power


Try showering before you shave, the more water your skin has absorbed, the better the lather you'll achieve on your face.

Let us know your tips and tricks! Please share them and pass them on. Feel free to ask us any questions you have about using our wonderful products.

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